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Magic bullet Juice machine

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Magic Bullet Juice Machine

I was wondering how does it look like and found this video

juice machine

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Comment by ThorMaxx
2010-10-05 10:49:06

Create a video blog…instantly.

so where DOES the pulp actually go? I mean most juicers extract the pulp from the juice in seperate containers… this is only one container.

Comment by aznrapt3r
2010-10-06 05:41:02

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this things a peice of shit i do not recommend to buy it. it doesnt do what it is” said to juice things easy”……..i ust made a juice beverage and there was still skin and chunks it cant even blend one whole apple(when sliced)

Comment by Lavenderrose73
2010-10-06 19:48:50

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Hey, whatever the heck works. I have that but I haven’t used it in years. I don’t like eating carrots but I could drink carrot juice till the cows come home! My only problem is that there’d be chunks of carrot under the cross blade still intact. Guess I could try slicing them before putting them in there, since I’ve recently got the Kitchen Kutter which will slice them in a snap. Well, I’ve got some plums that are getting old, so think I’ll go ahead and get started with THEM. : )

Comment by fuckyoufuckindouche
Comment by fuckyoufuckindouche
2010-10-09 19:09:06
Comment by fuckyoufuckindouche
2010-10-12 04:38:02

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oh well time to juice all the fruit in my house and make a big mess for my dad to clean up hmm I wonder if you can juice and ipod my dad has one :) I’ll try

Comment by fuckyoufuckindouche
2010-10-15 03:45:08

lmao the exact opposite happens to me juice comes out put only a reeeallly small amount :( I want some juice

Comment by lilturay
2010-10-18 04:42:29

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Lol, that never happens to me.

Comment by TRWolf
2010-10-20 01:05:25

The Juicer attatchment for Magic Bullet is AWFUL! Each time I’ve tried, the juice that comes out is too thick, more like pulp or a thick slop, not a juice.

Also, the plunger does NOT fit through the hole in the top of the lid! I had to take the lid off, and then if you do it that way, the plunger gets all scraped against the blades.

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